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Durlach flickers

Cinema, Film, Amusement 1945 to 1980
As early as July 1945 – even before the Karlsruhe cinemas cranked up their projectors - the "Kammer-Lichtspiele" was the first of the Durlach movie theatres to reopen. In the austerity of everyday life in the post-war era, visits to the cinema made a welcome change. The mere names of the Durlach cinemas sounded full of promise, for example "Roxy" or "Skala": cinemas offered space for encounters, the films allowed a brief period of oblivion, relaxation, diversion, amusement.

The special exhibition focuses on the cinema and film culture in Durlach, players and stories from the new beginning after the Second World War through the time of the "cinema boom" up to the closing of the last movie theatre in Durlach in 1980. It also features the people of Durlach and their memories of their cinemas.
Durlach flickers
Durlach flickers
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