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Dietmar Henneka and Friends - Ein Bild von einem Auto

(in the 2-RAUM of the Museum Art.Plus)
Complementing the main exhibition, Museum Art.Plus is presenting works by photographers – some world-famous, others a little less well-known – in its 2-RAUM space. Taken between 1928 and 2012, the photographs focus on the relationship between people and cars and shed light on the close link that has always existed between automobiles and photography.

The exhibition includes works by Dieter Eikelpoth (*1950), Elliott Erwitt (*1928, FR), Esther Haase (*1966), Peter Lindbergh (*1944), Jean-Daniel Lorieux (*1937, FR), Russell Porcas (*1961, UK), Paolo Roversi (*1947, IT), Anton Stankowski (1906-1998), Alberto Venzago (*1950, CH), Reinhart Wolf (1930-1988) et al.

The idea, the curatorial concept and the selection of photograph were developed by the Stuttgart-based photographer Dietmar Hennek
Dietmar Henneka: Kerguehennec, 1991
Suitable for families

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