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Critical Zones. Observatories for Earthly Politics

For a long time, the earth's reactions to our human actions went unnoticed, but with »Fridays for Future« at the latest, the climate crisis has moved into the public consciousness. The thought exhibition »Critical Zones« invites you to deal with the critical situation of the Earth in a variety of ways and to explore new modes of coexistence between all forms of life. With an exhibition that spans eight stations, an interactive program and a virtual platform (, we invite you – whether on site or from your couch – to dive into the critical zone and gain a new awareness of our planet. Away from the blue ball, towards the thin layer – the critical zone.
Content available online
Grafik zur Ausstellung »Critical Zones« am ZKM Karlsruhe. In Orange ist zu lesen »Critical Zones«, über einer beigen, abstrakten Karte.
On display is a filigree installation of thin rods to which small pieces of paper are attached. On each piece of paper a light projection can be seen. The installation stands in a dark room. There are also light projections on the walls of the room.
There are seven large flat screens on edge. The screens show aerial photographs of the sea.
Suitable for families

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