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County in lockdown

Photographs by Yakup Zeyrek
Der Ludwigsburger Markplatz mit Statue in der rechten Bildhälfte. Die Statue trägt einen Mund-Nasen-Schutz
Ein Mann in einem leeren Kino
The spring of 2020 turned everything upside down. The Corona pandemic broke out - and much of what we had taken for granted in our everyday lives up to that point was suddenly thrown into disarray. Both public and private life came to a standstill and lockdowns presented us with new challenges.

The exhibition "County in Lockdown. Photographs by Yakup Zeyrek" provides unique glimpses behind the scenes of the county in a state of emergency and reveals the thought worlds, creativity and wealth of ideas of the population. The result is a comprehensive, intensive look back at the time of the lockdown in Ludwigsburg County.

The exhibition from the exhibition series "Art in the County Hall" of the Ludwigsburg District Office was created in cooperation with the Museum im Kleihues-Bau.
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