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Cosmos Cubism

From Pablo Picasso to Léger
Cubism set off a revolution in visual art. The new style’s fragmented forms signal a fundamental change in how painting relates to the visible world. The Cubists rank as one of the most influential movements in art history; their works are adventures for the eyes even today, challenging our habits of perception. Produced in cooperation with the Centre Pompidou, the exhibition The Cubist Cosmos. From Picasso to Léger is the first to unite both museums’ Cubist masterworks for a reconstruction of the wider context in which the world-famous treasures bequeathed to the Kunstmuseum Basel by Raoul La Roche were created. Rounded out by masterpieces on loan from international collections, the presentation showcases ca. 130 works to illuminate this seminal chapter in the history of art.
Fernand Léger, La Femme en bleu, 1912
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