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Concrete Progressions: François Morellet & Vera Molnar, Manfred Mohr & Hartmut Böhm

Manfred Mohr, Videostandbild aus Cubic Limit (1973-1974). Video, 4 Min., stumm. Foto: V. Dröber, © the artist.
Long before automated AI systems imitated human behavior, decisions, or creativity, visual artists were already using computer technology, algorithms, and mathematical systems to free their art from subjective or emotional influences. This resulted in astonishingly unpredictable works full of idiosyncrasy and beauty: the design principles underlying them are always comprehensible, yet they appear not only factually rational, but often downright cheerful.
Concrete Progressions presents four internationally renowned protagonists of this development: François Morellet (1926-2016), the most famous French representative of concrete art, Vera Molnar (*1924) and Manfred Mohr (*1938), both pioneers of computer-generated art, as well as the radical constructivist Hartmut Böhm (1938-2021).
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