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Clean as a whistle

Hygiene in Alsace from the 19th century to the present day

The bathroom is a focal point of houses of the 21st-century. New features include Italian-style showers and freestanding bathtubs with natural cosmetics, while the aim is to make them both practical and enjoyable.

It's hard to imagine that turning on the hot water was, until fairly recently, considered to be a luxury. Who realises that in France, until the 1950s, only 6% of rural households actually had a bathroom?

The “Clean as a Whistle” exhibition shows how people kept clean in the not-so-distant past and what “the smallest room” meant to our forebears in their towns and villages.
Clean as a whistle
Clean as a whistle
Clean as a whistle

Du 25 mars au 4 novembre 2018 (saisons printemps-été-automne) : ouvert de 10h à 18h, selon calendrier du musée.
Du 1er décembre 2018 au 6 janvier 2019 (saison de Noël) : ouvert de 10h30 à 18h30, selon calendrier du musée.

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