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The Charms of Change

The Seasons
Each season has its fans and inspires them to take up various activities such as roaming in the green forest or planting vegetable plots. Many people long for the hot days of summer when they can splash around in the lake, picnic in the open air or preserve the berries they picked as a sweet food supply for winter. Those who don't mind a blustery wind or the slowing down of nature look forward to misty fields, falling leaves and flying a kite. The frosty days of winter lure winter sports enthusiasts outside, while others keep warm and cosy indoors. Some might flex their muscles by chopping wood and shovelling snow. The changing of the seasons always brings something new - and everyone can enjoy the charms of change.
Reiz der Abwechslung: Vogel im Frühjahr
Reiz der Abwechslung: Apfelbaum im Sommer
Reiz der Abwechslung: Baum im Winter
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