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Charlotte Eschenlohr and Maureen Jeram. Nature on my Mind

Charlotte Eschenlohr / Maureen Jeram,  Swanlake, 2023, Mixed  Media auf Leinwand,  215 × 400 cm. Foto: Florian Hubalek.
Charlotte Eschenlohr / Maureen Jeram,  Hedonistic Honey  Bee, 2023,  Mixed  Media auf Leinwand,  215 × 400 cm. Foto: Florian Hubalek.
The external nature always influences and shapes the internal, psychic
nature of man - and vice versa. The determination of what we imagine as nature is insofar always relative and gains conciseness in discourse. In Nature on my Mind, Charlotte Eschenlohr and Maureen Jeram establish such a discourse.
In a jointly developed concept related to the exhibition space, a walk-in Gesamtkunstwerk is created that allows visitors to immerse themselves in a space full of surprises and secrets. The starting point is two paintings created jointly by the two artists. In the staging with further paintings, with collages, mirror acrylics and installative elements, with transparent, space-structuring fabric prints and the floor work Flower Field, soul landscapes and moods visualize themselves into a kaleidoscope of nature as energy of perpetual becoming and passing.
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