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Charles L'Eplattenier

Pastels of the Doubs
Un projet de l’Institut Ferdinand Hodler,
en partenariat avec le Musée jurassien d’art et d’histoire
Charles L'Eplattenier's (1874-1946) attachment to the deep basins and rocky slopes of the Doubs is evident in his paintings. L'Eplattenier's pastels, however, exude a sense of brilliance and vivacity that only this delicate technique can provide. Varying the audacious points of view, translating the moments of the day and the passage of the seasons, returning unceasingly to the banks of this river which has become intimate, the painter has been able to capture the character of this place in its unity as well as in its diversity, from the volatile foam of the eddies of the Saut du Doubs to the unfaltering calm of its meandering across the Jura.

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