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Café Little Boy, 2002

Jean-Luc Vilmouth

From Giverny to Amazonia, the work of Jean-Luc Vilmouth responds in the manner of an echo to the "Japanese Season" and forms a trilogy, the three sections of a journey taking us as close as possible to essential humanity. We find ourselves on the threshold of these experiences, these conditions of changing emotions and ways of being in contact with the environment, which the artist creates, as he puts it, as an intensification and augmentation of our perception of reality.

With Café Little Boy, Jean-Luc Vilmouth weaves emotions, impressions, activates a memory that is set in motion again. This collective poetry pervades the invisible chinks in our identities, it defines this void and gives it meaning.


Café Little Boy, 2002
1, parvis des Droits de l'Homme
CS 90490
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