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Butterfly Captured!

An Artistic Position on Art Nouveau by Parastou Forouhar - Studio Exhibition at the Badisches Landesmuseum
The specially conceiveded show by the internationally acclaimed artist Parastou Forouhar (b.1962) focuses on a phenomenon that is significant for Art Nouveau: systematic ornamentation. Against the background of dictatorial forms of rule, the artist questions its significance for the present. With its ancient dynamic between form and content, pure order and symbol, ornament conceals the language of violence, brutality and oppression used by totalitarian regimes.
The uniformity of its "beautiful" structure leaves no room for individuality whose possible development is eyed suspiciously by state informers. With her ornamental art creations, Forouhar champions cultural and gender issues that are of a timelessly universal nature.
Zu sehen ist ein Kunstwerk von Parastou Forouhar auf welchem viele, abstrakt dargestellte Menschenkörper durch Verbindung ihrer Körperteile und roter Farbe, den Umriss eines Schmetterlings bilden. Dieser erscheint vor einem hellen Hintergrund.
Schlossbezirk 10
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