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Biwak#27 Constructive Alps 2020

Climate-Friendly Construction
Natural materials,
positive energy balance,
being frugal and careful with the natural environment:

Architecture can help to protect the climate in many different ways. Celebrating the ten-year anniversary of the eponymous Alpine-wide architectural prize for sustainable renovation and construction, the “Constructive Alps” exhibition in the Bivouac room focuses on the theme of “Climate-Friendly Construction”. On show are innovative examples of climate-friendly architecture which were created in the Alpine region between 2010 and 2020.

Visitors can select projects at an interactive kiosk according to their personal interests. The journey leads to residential buildings, alpine huts, cultural venues, schools, and village community centres. By recognizing sustainably achieved construction projects over the past decade, Constructive Alps has been making a constructive contribution towards implementing the climate action plan formulated by the Alpine Convention. The exhibition encourages visitors to follow this example and think ahead.

Online Vernissage am 6. November 2020, 18.30 Uhr
Verschneite Bergkapelle
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