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Beautifying Mountains

Exhibition in the Cabinet
“Kunstanstalt Brügger” in Meiringen has specialized in advertising for tourism
and hotels since the early twentieth century. The final Cabinet exhibition
presents highlights from the art of analogue retouching and montage, which
enabled “Kunstanstalt Brügger” to make the views from hotel windows and the
settings of Alpine tourist resorts even more beautiful.

Wednesday, 12 June 2019
6 pm: Opening (doors open at 5.30 pm)

The Cabinet is presenting a series of different genres of mountain art, as an “exhibition within the exhibition”. Events take place in German. For guided tours in English please contact us.
Hotels ins rechte Licht...
Die Kunstanstalt Brügger, Meiringen rückte mittels analoger Fotomontage die Lage von
Suitable for families

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