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Bags – Icons and investments

History of a timeless accessory
This popular women’s accessory can be big or small, soft or hard, carried by a handle or slung over the shoulder on a strap. Adorned with splendid gold chains or simple and elegant – the handbag.

Bags have not always been cult objects for women only. In earlier times, both men and women carried pouches and bags. It was customary and practical to wear bags on belts or even as pouches slung around the waist under outer garments.

During the course of fashion history, the unisex bag gradually transformed into the handbag exclusively for female use. When close-fitting chemise dresses made of gauzy muslin came out, there was no choice other than to carry the pouch in the hand or on the arm.

It was not until 1875 that a handbag with a handle was introduced. Women quickly got used to always car
Bags – Icons and investments
Bags – Icons and investments
Bags – Icons and investments

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