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Babel Stùb. My culture, your culture, our culture

The term Babel refers to the famous tower, evoking both the cultural diversity but also the universality of our condition where, beyond the countries, the similarities outweigh our differences. Stùbe is, of course the traditional Alsatian room where one lives, exchanges and invites. With this exhibition, the result of a participatory project led throughout the 2018/2019 season with the Council of foreign residents of Strasbourg and dedicated to the theme of hospitality, the Alsacian Museum sets out to counter the idea of Alsatian culture as something fixed or airtight. During this museum trail, the collections dialogue with the objects and testimonies of the cultures from elsewhere and enrich our shared heritage and give it life.
-	Wisch, ou coussinet à porter, en usage en Alsace au XIXe siècle, Musée Alsacien. Photo : Mathieu Bertola
Suitable for families
23 - 25 quai Saint-Nicolas
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