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Augusta Raurica AR Experience

Explore the exceptionally well-preserved commercial buildings on the Roman trunk road in a new way: With an AR radio play and an interactive tour.
Immerse yourself in what everyday life was like 1700 years ago and witness the dramatic final hours before the disastrous fire in the exact location where it all happened.

Gain in-depth background information and call up interactively selected archaeological finds from the excavation.

You will need your smartphone or tablet and suitable headphones.
You can download the app for free:

Google Play Store

Apple Store

You will need a free ticket to access the commercial buildings.
You can get this from the museum ticket desk (10:00-17:00) or via the ticket shop

The tour only works at the ruins.

The ticket is for free.
Zwei Schuljungen bei der Besichtigung der Gewerbehäuser
Suitable for families

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