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Ash Keating

Ausschnitt eines von Ash Keating bemalten Gebäudes in Werribee, Victoria (Australien)
Bild des Künstlers Ash Keating im Werribee Park Mansion, Victoria (Australien)
Ash Keatings Triptychon «Ice Floes Response» im Park der Langmatt
Ash Keating (*1980 in Melbourne/Australia, lives there) has made an international name for himself with spectacular paintings of entire buildings and huge walls. As a child, he flew with his grandmother in a small plane over the endless scenic expanse of Australia. The intense colours between sky and earth have left a lasting impression on him. The energetic colourfulness of his painting, with its fluid, vertical gradients, reveals an almost transcendent longing. In a public, performative action shortly before the Badenfahrt, Ash Keating transformes the caretaker's house in the Langmatt park, which had been somewhat neglected throughout it life, into a huge three-dimensional painting.
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