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The Works of Alain Eschenlauer
"Without water, there is no life". Alain Eschenlauer, who is very sensitive to the world around us and to the problems of the environment on our planet, invites visitors to question themselves about marine biodiversity and other curiosities.

He has worked in particular on the transparency of plankton by customising plastic (bottles, etc.).

His work refers both through the treatment and the choice of subjects to an imagery that is connoted in time, that of encyclopaedias, cabinets of curiosity, or naturalist collections of the late eighteenth century. For his drawings, he is inspired by naturalist plates.
De formation graphiste, Alain Eschenlauer a exposé récemment ses œuvres à l’Espace d’Art Contemporain André Malraux.
Patiemment, avec application, il prend le temps de dessiner à l’encre, de poser avec attention des ensembles d’aplats de couleurs, comme des apparitions de vie au fond de boîtes de pétri.
Content available online
Plancton avec tentacules - dessin à l'encre, aquarelle et ficelle bleue
Grand Oursin dessin au crayon