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Amelie von Wulffen

“Have you seen House of Cards yet?” Plunging into the worlds of series on the Internet has long become the norm. At any time, you can switch to one of the virtual parallel worlds in order to surrender yourself to their stories. The series are works of fiction, yet many of them seem to be astonishingly close to what is happening in the world at the moment. Retreating to those fabricated episodic narratives tends to be more comfortable than having one’s evening spoilt by discussing unwholesome events of the day.

TV fictions, personal experiences and the possibilities of painting slide together in the paintings of Amelie von Wulffen. Her works explore the potential of painting as a technique and art form, including in its variants considered inferior. Von Wulffen’s approach to painting lets surprising pictorial worlds full of abysses unfold, which remain indebted to reality even when touching on the fantastic.
Bild: Amelie von Wulffen, Hast Du schon House of Cards gesehen?, 2018. Courtesy Giò Marconi, Mailand
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