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Abdelkader Benchamma - Geology of Floods

Affiche de l'exposition
Abdelkader Benchamma, vue de l’installation Body of Ghosts au Pola Museum of Art, Hakone (Japon) en 2019 © Keizo Kioku
Between heaven and earth is water. Or rather, water is in the heavens, under and on the earth. Water has always nourished the founding myths of different civilizations and great religions. Through the prism of sculptural drawings, coloured incursions on paper, lithographs and animations revealing trickling, tormented worlds of incessant flux, the artist composes a fantastic cartography where invasive drawing rubs shoulders with respiration. The layers of ink in his drawings are superimposed and slowly agglomerate, like the many sediments that shape the macrocosm.
A telluric world emerges, water and mineral cohabit.
Abdelkader Benchamma reveals his own images of these waters that flood the world and leave visible impacts.
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