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75 Years Porsche Sports Cars

Porsche 356 "No. 1" in front of a band of lights
View of the Porsche Museum exhibition, to the left a collage of historical posters.
Section of the Porsche Museum exhibition, visitors marvel at the prologue. The words "A sky full of dreams" are emblazoned on the gallery.
The Porsche Museum invites to a journey through 75 years of Porsche brand history. The whole museum is infused with a new atmosphere. Between the prologue and the epilogue, the special exhibition covers many topics of the present and the future, with fascinating people and trailblazing technologies, digital animated. Dreams change the world. This has always been the case. Ferry Porsche once dreamed of a car that didn’t yet exist. So together with his team he built it himself. With the Porsche 356 ‘No. 1’ Roadster began the success story of the brand and the Porsche legend. On 8 June 1948, the model received its general operating permit. The highlight of the anniversary celebrations for ‘Driven by Dreams. 75 Years of Porsche Sports Cars’ is the most extensive special exhibition ever in the Porsche Museum. ‘Driven by Dreams’ is a value that captures the history of the company while transporting it into the present and the future. The people behind the brand will be the focus of the museum until 7 January 2024. People who, like Ferry Porsche, believed in their dreams, in achieving great things, and in implementing big ideas: Dreamers.
Because many dreams originate in the night and are endless like the cosmos itself, the Porsche Museum presents the protagonists of the special exhibition in the night sky. “Like the universe, the Porsche company is dynamic and always changing. There is no standing still. With values like honesty, pragmatism and courage the brand has been developing innovations for 75 years,” says Achim Stejskal, Head of Porsche Heritage and Museum. “For the special exhibition celebrating the anniversary we’ve modified the museum more comprehensively than ever since it was opened in 2009. Seeing the feats of engineering and the many ideas from the past 75 years, and using them to shape the future, makes the importance of heritage more topical than ever.”
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