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5 stars – sensational fossil finds from the Jura


Fossils like these have never been seen before: in the new special exhibition ‘5 stars' (in German and French, English on IZI.Travel-App), we will show unique fossils of starfish and much more from Switzerland's Jura Mountains. The highlight of the exhibition is a rock slab containing sea urchins, starfish, brittle stars, crinoids and sea cucumbers.

This new discovery can be described as the Planggenstock of palaeontology. Palaeontologists from the Natural History Museum came across some extremely rare fossils in a quarry in the Aargau Jura region: wonderfully preserved echinoderms in rocks dating from the mid-Jurassic period. The exhibition also offers unconventional staging: with 3D glasses, visitors can experience the discovery site as if they were there in person.



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