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300 years of Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks

Special exhibition 2023
300 Jahre Schwarzwälder Kuckucksuhr
300 Jahre Schwarzwälder Kuckucksuhr
Tischuhr, Kuckuck, Federzugwerk, um 1870
Cuckoo clocks have been made in the Black Forest for 300 years. This makes the cuckoo clock undoubtedly one of the longest-established types of clock ever built here. About 100 artefacts from different historical periods show the variety of cuckoo clocks. Representative clocks from bygone times to today´s design show the development and change of the Black Forest clock.

Not least through the architect of the Baden State Railway, Friedrich Eisenlohr, the cuckoo clock achieved great fame. The design of the railway guards´cottages he designed was transferred to the cuckoo clocks and also served as the basis for richly decorated clocks with carvings and weights in the shape of pine cones.

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