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170 years – Celebrating with you!

170 years – Celebrating with you!
To mark its 170th anniversary, Colmar’s Musée Unterlinden is organising celebrations for its visitors based around an anniversary exhibition running from 14 October 2023 to 4 March 2024. The visitors of the museum will be invited to travel through time and history in the heart of the museum, as they explore the permanent collections, view previously unseen works taken from the reserves or loaned by partner museums and engage with innovative interpretation tools and numerous forums for expression.
What was the museum like in the past, what has it become and what will its future be? An entertaining exhibition will introduce visitors to eleven leading lights who have shaped the museum’s history since its creation in 1853.
Emblematic works will chart its 170 years of existence, illustrating the essential role played by the museum and the Société Schongauer in the conservation and promotion of our artistic, historic and archaeological heritage.
Celebrations promoting convivial interaction will allow visitors to play an active role in building the museum of the future.
The 21st century museum is no longer a silent sanctuary where time stands still, but instead a place of life, dialogue and sharing to be celebrated.

Eleven leading lights in the spotlight
Each of the eleven major figures will have their own dedicated space, with content exploring their stories, their eras and their links to the museum and its collections.
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