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«Sound Garden» with The Rosebud’s House Band

27.07.2022, between 6 to 8 p.m.
On 27/07/2022
The Rosebud’s House Band presents a repertoire that covers the entire spectrum of all that Ragtime has to offer. With its virtuoso fusion of different genres, the trio made up of Lennard Fiehn (clarinet), Martin Theurillat (guitar), and Thomas Fuller (bass) conjures up the unique energy and atmosphere of the American Midwest at every concert.
Ragtime was the leading style of entertainment in the pre-jazz days of Gilded Age America. And it was then, in 1889, that the Rosebud Café first opened in St. Louis (MO). Hitting the keys was either proprietor and pianist Tom Turpin himself or one of his buddies, like Scott Joplin and Joe Jordan. At their side was always the house band consisting of clarinet, guitar, and doublebass. Over 100 years later, The Rosebud’s House Band brings that legendary St. Louis spirit back to life, at the same time returning Ragtime to its roots.

Venue: the pavilion in the park
Admission: free, no advanced booking required

“Sound Garden” will take place every Wednesday between 6 and 8 p.m. from 29 June until 31 August 2022.
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The Rosebud's House Band
Free entry with the Museums-PASS-Musées
On 27/07/2022
Wednesday: 18:00-20:00