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Sign language tour

Performer Lua Leirner will lead a sign language tour of the exhibition.
On 27/04/2022
On 21/09/2022
How is a find archaeologically researched? In the new special exhibition "Under the magnifying glass" experts from different fields have their say: anthropologists, glass specialists, archaeobotanists, restorers, etc.

A Roman coffin made of lead serves as an exemplary example of interdisciplinary cooperation. It was discovered by chance in Augst (BL) in 2016, carefully recovered and meticulously examined. What came out of it? An exciting insight into the life of a wealthy woman 1700 years ago.

The performer Lua Leirner guides through the exhibition in sign language.

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IV recipients including accompaniment: CHF 8.00 (incl. museum admission)

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Führung in Gebärdensprache
Paid entry
Rate for holders of the Museums-PASS-Musées only.
On 27/04/2022
Wednesday: 14:00-15:00
On 21/09/2022
Wednesday: 14:00-15:00

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