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Opening. Camille Kaiser. Kiefer Hablitzel | Göhner Art Award 22

Opening of the new exhibition at the Aargauer Kunsthaus.
On 30/03/2023
The prestigious Kiefer Hablitzel | Göhner Art Prize is awarded each year to artists under the age of 30 living in Switzerland. The special prize 2022 goes to the Geneva artist Camille Kaiser (*1992). It includes a solo exhibition with publication at the Aargauer Kunsthaus. In her research-based works, Camille Kaiser explores fiction as an artistic and political strategy. Image and text serve her as a means to draw attention to historical gaps and rewrite collective narratives.

Free of charge

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Camille Kaiser, Ausstellungsansicht Cap Carbon, 2020 mit Genehmigung der Künstlerin Foto: Guillaume Python
Free entry with the Museums-PASS-Musées
On 30/03/2023
Thursday: 18:00-22:00
+41 62 835 23 30

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