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Mal•Mal – Draw from a live model in the exhibition of Regionale 24

The evening invites everyone who would like to retake pen and paper to experience the exhibition from a new perspective and exchange ideas with other passionate art enthusiasts.

Meeting point: Foyer Kunsthalle Basel
Free of charge, drawing material will be provided
Registration is not required

For further information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us directly:
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Museum details

Steinenberg 7
+41 61 206 99 00
Free entry with the Museums-PASS-Musées
On 06 Dec 2023
Wednesday: 18:00-20:00

47.553754, 7.591341

iPhone 5 with Sodium Hexacyanoferrate(II), 2022 © Martin Raub
Regionale 24

Contemporary artists are often chroniclers, archaeologists, treasure hunters, and constructors of change – that of the past, the present, and the future. In their conceptual and material ...

Diego Marcon, The Parents’ Room, 2021, installation view, in: Diego Marcon, Have You Checked the Children, Kunsthalle Basel, 2023, photo: Philipp Hänger / Kunsthalle Basel
Diego Marcon

Over the last decade, Diego Marcon (*1985) has used cinematic and sculpture means to interrogate the fraught relationship between reality and representation. Tracing inspirations ranging from the ...

Tobias Spichtig, Tourist in Pompeii, 2021, installation view, in: Good OK Great Fantastic Perfect Grand Thank You, Swiss Institute (SI), New York 2021, courtesy the artist; Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin, and Jan Kaps, Cologne
Tobias Spichtig

Tobias Spichtig (*1982) presents his first major institutional solo show in Switzerland, Everything No One Ever Wanted. The Swiss artist draws inspiration from the world of fashion, music, and even ...

Nolan Oswald Dennis, a recurse 4 [3] worlds, Kunsthalle Basel back wall, 2023, exhibition view, photo: Philipp Hänger / Kunsthalle Basel
Nolan Oswald Dennis

Nolan Oswald Dennis (* 1988, Zambia) inaugurates a site-specific, monumental diagrammatic artwork spread across the back wall of Kunsthalle Basel. Built on discussions with physicists, geographers ...