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Mai-Thu Perret: Grammar and Glamour

"Grammar and Glamour" presents Mai-Thu Perret’s first major solo exhibition in Germany. Perret works within a range of diverse formats and media, including painting, sculpture, ceramics, tapestry, film, performance, and texts. In her work, the artist turns her attention towards the discourses of feminism and spirituality, modernism, and the avant-garde, while numerous references to the Arts and Crafts movement reflect a revaluation of craft production as an alternative form of artistic expression. Realistic representations depicting female fighters and reformers converge with approaches to formal abstraction, which moreover reference Perret’s continuous scrutiny of painting and the possibilities of painterly transformation.

Based on the large-scale project "The Crystal Frontier" (since 1999), which concerns a fictive feminist commune in the New Mexico desert, the exhibition weaves together various narratives about independent female figures: from the lesbian fighters in "Les Guérillères" (2018), based on a novel by the French avant-garde writer and theoretician Monique Wittig, to the archetypal figure of the witch, as reflected in the most recent works. While Wittig’s language evokes a series of works that draw on Dadaistic practices, Perret’s investigations of the witch lead to a group of ceramics and large-scale objects that are reminiscent of marshlands, forests, or the minimalist geometry of Zen gardens. Mai-Thu Perret stages witchcraft as a rebellious force in opposition to capitalist systems and restrictive gender politics. She activates marginalized forms and techniques, reanimates forgotten figures and evokes alternative stories challenging the linearity of conventional narrative structures.
Mai-Thu Perret, The Blazing World, Performance view, Spike Island, Bristol, UK, 2019. Photo by Lisa Whiting.
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