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Lecture NGiB: Hydrogen - fleeting hype or lasting solution?

With Dr. Bettina Bordenet & Dr. Matthias Hafner, SVGW Association for Water, Gas and Heat
Europe and Switzerland have set themselves the goal of making their energy supply climate-neutral by 2050. With its net zero target, Switzerland is fulfilling its obligation under the Paris Agreement. To achieve the goal, today's fossil primary energy sources must be replaced by renewable ones in the future. This cannot be achieved with a complete conversion to electrons (electricity); gaseous and liquid molecules based on renewable energies are needed as energy carriers. These are therefore an integral part of the European energy system.
Hydrogen plays a key role in this. Depending on the resource, climate-neutral hydrogen can be used as a fuel, as an energy carrier and seasonal energy storage, and for numerous applications in industry, mobility, energy and heating.
The presentation gives an overview of these topics, based on research, industry and infrastructure projects and presents concrete realizations.

The association NGiB (Naturforschende Gesellschaft in Basel) regularly offers free public lectures during the university semesters to promote the natural sciences, as well as to arouse interest in natural history.
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On 19 Oct 2023
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