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KLIMA Forum: Climate change and its effects on groundwater and its ecosystems

Forschen am Teich in der KLIMA ARENA
Live broadcast from Germany's only groundwater zoo at the University of Landau
With Dr. Hans Jürgen Hahn from the University of Landau

Groundwater is the largest and oldest continental habitat, populated by species-rich, barely known biotic communities. Around 100,000 groundwater and cave-dwelling animal species are thought to exist worldwide. The proportion of living fossils, relict forms and endemics is extremely high. Due to the poor state of research, many species have not yet been described - according to current knowledge, the diversity of species in groundwater is greatly underestimated.
Despite this, neither the groundwater ecosystems nor the species living there enjoy legal protection. In addition to direct human influences such as groundwater extraction, pollution and heat discharge, climate change has far-reaching effects on groundwater communities.

The lecture provides an overview of the groundwater habitat, its ecology and the distribution patterns of groundwater animals, as well as their endangerment. As an introduction, live groundwater animals will be shown in a live broadcast from the University of Landau - the only groundwater zoo in Germany.

The event is free of charge and takes place in the rooms of the KLIMA ARENA on the 1st floor.
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On 24 July 2024
Sunday: 15:00-17:00

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