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Heidi Herzig & Ben Öztat: im fluss

They entered the shop. The products on offer did nothing for them. They were interested instead in the spatial construction, which suspended all of the objects in the air.

Before long, they became aware of the tilted floor on which they stood. Tilted just enough, just enough inclination, so that it seems almost slanted. In pale blue. As the time passed gradually, or at least we must assume that it did so, there was a slight yet nonetheless noticeable change in the slope of the ground on which they found themselves, along with the relationship between their bodies and gravitation.

The result was a sudden leap, without the intervening space having been traversed, or the foam-like, fleeting, yet real experience of an unexpected change of direction. As though the vertical wanted to tell them something.

From this point onward, they stroll with this serum, which was won from this incident, on the temples through angles and circles. Which, when necessary, are rearranged and repositioned in relation to one another according to altered laws of attraction. Many of them tell of a special aroma that is sensed in the course of this process, provided the wind has just turned.

Since 2014, disguised by pseudonyms, Heidi Herzig and Ben Öztat have roamed local as well as situative interspaces and gaps for joint intraventionist interventions. For the exhibition at Badischer Kunstverein, they have broken with their individual positions in order to generate openings for synergies which also feel comfortable in a museal context.
Heidi Herzig & Ben Öztat, Strandszene, 2014, Videostill. Courtesy the artists.
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