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Exhibition talk

Rhine looked! Facets of life on the High Rhine
Kolorierte Xylographie mit Ansicht der Stadt Rheinfelden von Karl Jauslin (1842-1904), entstanden 1893 FM A.941
Who still regularly sails on the Rhine and invites you to do so soon? How did they catch the salm in Rheinfelden in the past? What stories and memories of the Rhine might you tell us?

Find out more, exchange ideas and come with us on a tour of the current special exhibition in the Fricktaler Museum.

Followed by an aperitif.
The exhibition is open from 6 pm for interested guests.
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Museum details

Haus zur Sonne
Marktgasse 12
Rheinfelden (CH)
+41 61 835 57 80
Free entry with the Museums-PASS-Musées
On 14 Nov 2023
Tuesday: 19:00-21:00

47.555433, 7.79351

R(h)ein geschaut! Facetten des Lebens am Hochrhein
Rheinfelden (CH)
Look at the Rhine! - Aspects of life on the Upper Rhine

The exhibition tells stories from Rheinfelden, a town on Switzerland's longest river, the Rhine. It is about fishing, work and food, fashion in the spa town, the fashion label 'Rhein Design', urban ...

Berner Kriegsknechte plündern ein Dorf. Quelle: Bern,  Burgerbibliothek, Mss.h.h.I.1, p. 148 – Diebold Schilling, Amtliche  Berner Chronik, Bd. 1  ( , Ofenkacheln aus Frickt, teils verbrannt. Quelle: Kantonsarchäologie  Aargau, Foto: Klaus Powroznik 3. Dreibeinige Gefässe dienten zum  Kochen. Quelle: Kantonsarchäologie Aargau, Foto: Klaus Powroznik
Rheinfelden (CH)
1499 - Fricktal finds from troubled times

In 1499, the Swabian War raged in the Fricktal. Entire villages were burned and plundered by Confederate troops. The Fricktal, which formerly belonged to Habsburg, lay on the border at that time in ...