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European Heritage Day

«Recycling and Upcycling»
On 10/09/2023
This European Heritage Day, we’re featuring the dwelling from Matten, Bern (1021), with the motto ‘Modern meets history’.

Throughout the day, guided tours will be offered on the topics of sustainable building, living in listed buildings and historical house construction. The Late Gothic log building (dated around 1570) that’s been converted into a modern residence offers the perfect setting. We also demonstrate the ‘recycling’ and ‘upcycling’ of historical windows, in both practice and theory. In the process, we’ll explore the use of wood, paint and oil in historical building crafts. Take a look over our shoulder and get some inspiration for your own sustainable living.

Guided tours of the Matten dwelling are available throughout the day, conducted by Dr Volker Herrmann, Head of Architecture and House Research.
Europäischer Tag des Denkmals
Paid entry
Rate for holders of the Museums-PASS-Musées only.
On 10/09/2023
Sunday: 10:00-17:00

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