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Baking bread: from grain to Roman bread - French

How was grain made into bread 2000 years ago? For everyone from 6 years.
On 14/07/2022
On 18/09/2022
Step by step, children and their families experience and create bread production together in French as in Roman times: First, the grain is ground on the Roman stone mill. Then, the kneading and shaping of the dough calls for personal creativity. Afterwards, the breads go into the oven and are finally taken home still warm and fragrant.

For all ages 6 and up.

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CHF 16.00 / 8.00 (inklusive Museumseintritt)

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Brotbacken: Vom Korn zum Römerbrot – Französisch
Suitable for families
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On 14/07/2022
Thursday: 13:00-14:30
On 18/09/2022
Sunday: 13:00-14:30

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