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ARTE film premiere: Mondrian

The ARTE documentary follows in the footsteps of Piet Mondrian, the most widely and diversely cited artist of the 20th century. Countless artists* all over the world deal with Mondrian's neoplastic main work until today. You can see the film exclusively as a world premiere in the presence of the director Mathias Frick at the museum - the broadcast on ARTE will take place in early 2024.
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Berliner Straße 23
+49 6215 04 34 11
Free entry with the Museums-PASS-Musées
On 29 Nov 2023
Wednesday: 19:00-20:00

49.479857142762, 8.4439265727997

Bildkomposition im Stile Mondrians, mit weißen, einem roten und blauen Rechteck. Getrennt werden diese durch markante schwarze Linien. , Bild mit weißen, roten, blauen und gelben Rechtecken. Getrennt werden diese durch markante schwarze Linien. , Fotografie einer nackten Frau bemalt mit verschiedenen Farben im Stile Mondrians.
Re-Inventing Piet. Mondrian and the consequences

Whether it's clothes, cosmetics packaging, T-shirts, bags or entire house facades - everyone knows Piet Mondrian's catchy and quickly recognizable compositions, which are characterized by the primary ...