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After-work guided tour + sparkling wine - "CONFRONTIER. The walls of this world"

Symbolbild. Frau vor einem Kunstwerk, die dieses betrachtet.
Looking at art, but the weekend is always so busy? No problem. Q Galerie opens its doors for after-work tours. Our art experts accompany you on the entertaining after-work tours through the exhibition and into your evening off. After all, what better way to start your evening than with art, culture and a glass of champagne afterwards?

Admission incl. guided tour and sparkling wine: 7 Euro
Registration is not required.
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Karlstraße 19
+49 7181 48 23 799
Paid entry
Rate for holders of the Museums-PASS-Musées only.
On 29 Sep 2023
Friday: 19:00-20:30

48.806865, 9.528876

 © Kai Wiedenhöfer
Kai Wiedenhöfer - "CONFRONTIER" The walls of this world

In November 1989, Kai Wiedenhöfer rushed to Berlin to photograph the fall of the Wall. Like many people, he believed at the time that border walls had had their day. This shattered dream was the ...

Arbeit von Jan-Hendrik Pelz , Arbeit vom Künstlerduo Super Vivaz
Jan-Hendrik Pelz and Super Vivaz - "ZEITGLEICH" ("SIMULTANEOUS")

For "An Inner Place" Jan-Hendrik Pelz portrayed people who were forced to flee by war or terror. The individual oil paintings are joined together to form life-size picture objects, thereby opening up ...