Future exhibitions

Point de Suisse 2015

Basel Temporary exhibition, Basel Historical Museum (HMB) - Museum of History 03/09/2015 - 18/10/2015

POINT DE SUISSE is an art project with a socio-political character that takes place in the publicspace, in the museum, and on the Internet. Prior to the federal elections of October 18th 2015,a playful survey interro...

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Le Monument de Strasbourg "avant-après", saga de deux restaurations

Colmar Temporary exhibition, Musée Bartholdi 03/09/2015 - 31/12/2015

Situé en face de la Gare Centrale de Bâle depuis 1895, le monument à "La Suisse accueillant les douleurs de Strasbourg" est communément nommé par les Bâlois "Monument de Strasbourg". Oeuvre de Bartholdi, il commémore...

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Andra Ursuta

Basel Temporary exhibition, Kunsthalle Basel 04/09/2015 - 01/11/2015

Using a wide range of materials, such as concrete, plaster, marble, knit fabric, or wax, and referencing rather prosaic objects, whether a swing set, stools, a batting cage, or a hairdressing parlor, Andra Ursuta (*1...

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Helge Leiberg

Zell a. H. Temporary exhibition, Villa Haiss Museum für Zeitgenössische Kunst 05/09/2015 - 31/03/2016


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Karlsruhe Temporary exhibition, ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe 05/09/2015 - 31/01/2016

What challenges does new technology set us? Since the discovery of magnetism, electricity, electromagnetic waves and radio engineering, man has lived in an infosphere. As well as the atmosphere, the infosphere is ess...

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Spatial Positions 10: "The Sound of Architecture"

Basel Temporary exhibition, S AM Schweizerisches Architekturmuseum 05/09/2015 - 18/10/2015

On the occasion of the new music festival ZeitRäume, S AM presents an exhibition dedicated to the sound of spaces. For the museum, Argentine composer and conductor Erik Oña is developing a sound installation concept,...

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Armin Linke. The Appearance of That Which Cannot be Seen

Karlsruhe Temporary exhibition, ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe 05/09/2015 - 31/01/2016

At the interface between the physical and digital world, between »Exo-Evolution« and »Infosphere«, Linke’s contribution »The Appearance of That Which Cannot Be Seen« focuses our attention on such pivotal GLOBALE topi...

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Fabrizio Tamburini: Beyond Einstein’s Dream. Riding the Photons

Karlsruhe Temporary exhibition, ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe 05/09/2015 - 31/01/2016

As part of the exhibtion “Infosphere”, Fabrizio Tamburini is presenting in three installations his new model of light: light as a vortex, as a twisted electromagnetic wave. We obtain much of our knowledge of the univ...

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Because We Are Girls ...

Speyer Temporary exhibition, Historisches Museum der Pfalz 06/09/2015 - 17/01/2016

The exhibition "Because We Are Girls..." focuses attention on the difficult situation of girls in the most diverse countries of the world. Various forms of disadvantage and discrimination of girls are revealed to the...

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Basel Temporary exhibition, Brasilea Foundation 10/09/2015 - 29/10/2015

Boris Kossoy ist Fotograf, Theoretiker der Fotografie und Forscher der Fotografiegeschichte, ebenso wie Autor, Publizist, Journalist. Zudem hat er zwei Professuren in Brasilien inne. Sein Werk ist ebenso vielfältig w...

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Zoom: László Moholy-Nagy / Construction (Glass Architecture)

Ludwigshafen Temporary exhibition, Wilhelm-Hack-Museum 11/09/2015 - 15/11/2015

Between 1922 and 1924 the Hungarian avant-garde artist László Moholy-Nagy developed a group of works that contained in embryonic form the themes of his entire later creations: the glass architectures. This was how he...

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Basel Temporary exhibition, Basel Historical Museum (HMB) - Museum of History 11/09/2015 - 31/01/2016

(The exhibition is in german only.)Situationen, in denen Zivilcourage nötig ist, treffen uns ohne Ankündigung.Die Ausstellung „Zivilcourage – Wenn nicht ich, wer dann?“ greift ein wichtiges gesellschaftliches Thema a...

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Exhibition to the cultural history

Guebwiller Temporary exhibition, Musée Théodore Deck 12/09/2015 - 14/11/2015

Exhibition in cooperation with the Société d'Histoire et le Pays d'Art et d'Histoire.With special events

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Cy Twombly

Basel Temporary exhibition, Museum für Gegenwartskunst 12/09/2015 - 31/01/2016

The American Cy Twombly was a key member of the new generation of artists to emerge in the 1950s. Like his close friends Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns, he broke away from American Expressionism to develop his...

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Life after Luther

Speyer Temporary exhibition, Historisches Museum der Pfalz 12/09/2015 - 10/01/2016

As a way of life the Evangelical parsonage has for centuries served as a projection surface for social and familial ideals - as a wellspring of universal education and bourgeois life, a model for Christian conduct, t...

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Delémont, tu connais ?

Delémont Temporary exhibition, Musée Jurassien d'Art et d'Histoire 12/09/2015 - 30/01/2016

Aborder une ville en transformation, en évolution : hier, aujourd’hui, demain.

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Mannheim Temporary exhibition, Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen 13/09/2015 - 24/04/2016

This extraordinary exhibition highlights a fascinating and until now completely unknown civilization, called the Anatidae. On the analogy of human beings, this species has immortalized itself in the history of the wo...

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Ausstellung des Kunstvereins Hochrhein e.V.

Bad Säckingen Temporary exhibition, Villa Berberich 13/09/2015 - 11/10/2015


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6th European Quilt-Triennial

Heidelberg Temporary exhibition, Textile Collection Max Berk 13/09/2015 - 10/01/2016

Die europäische Quilt-Triennale ist einer der wenigen hochkarätigen Quilt-Wettbewerbe in Europa und wird von der Textilsammlung Max Berk bereits zum 6. Mal ausgerichtet. Eine internationale fünfköpfige Jury aus bekan...

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Freiburg i. Br. Temporary exhibition, Kunstverein Freiburg 18/09/2015 - 01/11/2015

Together with other institutions in Freiburg, the Kunstverein is participating in this project on Comics / Graphic Novels. It is presenting Nobrow Press, which publishes some of the most ambitious and groundbreaking...

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